I spoke with Pastor Lucien this past Saturday (3/14) and things are stable in Port au Prince. The children at the orphanage are well and still living under the pavilion the Lord had us build last December. Remember the Lord knew the timing of the earthquake.
The rainy season has started which is putting more pressure on the people as so many are homeless and are living under sheets and pieces of tin to be out of the weather. Please pray for the health of the Haitian people as serious outbreaks of disease can happen under these circumstances.

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The mission of AOJ USA is to support the AOJ work in Haiti Wst Indies led by Pastor Lucien Almanord

The Ministry operates a 65 child orphanage in Port-Au-Princ, 28 churches throughout Haiti as well as 6 churches and 1 orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

Our vision is to witness the transformation of Haiti through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Chruch of Jesus Christ

AOJ USA raises financial and material support for the orphanage and other needs throughout Haiti. We plan several short term mission trips each year to develop the fellowship of believers for those God has called with his heart for the ministry.

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